This article is an attempt to outline the benefits of TEAMWORK
as opposed to the present means of segregation, divisiveness
and ego-driven efforts. We are encouraging animal protectionists
to join 'THE TEAM"
(Today's Humane Education. To Educate And Motivate")

This article could be viewed as 'pointing fingers' or suggesting ignorance. Rather it is more of an attempt to simply alert others - a calling for all who truly have the improved and extended lives of animals at hand,  to become more aware of the entire movement in order to be able to see the whole picture.

Now, come on.  Certainly a majority of you have realized how long this movement has been active,  the man hours logged and the exorbitant amounts of money donated annually and asked 'WHY' or 'WHY NOT"!  Haven't you?   Any thinking person would have to contemplate this for a time.

Do we honestly believe that in a world where Ben and Jennifer's broken engagement was literally known by the masses in less than 24 hours, that we cannot distribute the information required to stop all the unnecessary killing of so many innocent animals?

It's not that the media is uncaring or callous to the story,   but we've had countless opportunities over the years to provide the media with a precise picture that included a solution, but have failed miserably to speak with any resemblance of a unified voice and to properly execute a plan for success.

Americans are simply not prepared or truly willing to correct the animal abuse problems or stop the overpopulation. In order to solve a problem, everyone knows you have to be properly informed. You must know the causes. You have to be very acutely aware of the past stumbling blocks and failed attempts so as not to duplicate failed efforts. You also have to be very aware of WHY they failed so as to incorporate new ideas into your plans. You must do studies and research projects throughout all aspects of the situation being attacked.

Americans have not begun to do this. First of all 90% of all those who diligently place themselves into the battle of trying to fight for animal rights, animal welfare and animal protection don't step back to see the whole picture - a painfully obvious step that needs to be taken by everyone - certainly one everyone needs to take when planning a good solid strategy for any battleplan.

The entire movement, noble as it's attempts are, is just fluttering along and nobody wants to admit that it is truly failing and that the steps we've taken have not come close to bringing a solution. If all those who are placing their lives on hold and truly want to see these problems solved would just stand back and check out the other movements, they would clearly see the whole picture, giving them a better overview of what is actually happening vs. what needs to still happen. See <>

I'd like for everyone to sit back and ask themselves this question. HOW FAR DO WE THINK NASA WOULD BE BY NOW, HAD THEY SEGREGATED, DIVERSIFIED SEPARATED AND WORKED AGAINST ALL THE OTHER ENTITIES FOCUSED ON THE SAME RESULTS? Trust me, the results and successes we've all marveled at over the years would be quite different - considerably lessened - had they managed their efforts similar to ours.

PETA, ASPCA AND HSUS,are not in this to help animals. They are in this to make money.
They purposely spend 90 cents of every dollar on salaries and business expenses - SIMPLY TO KEEP THEMSELVES IN BUSINESS. The year of the terror attacks, when everyone suffered so much in non profits, the HSUS still brought in a record amount for the year - far more than in other years. Of this,  $11 million went to the top 100 executives there. The annual PRINTING budget for HSUS is well over $20 million!!! They HAVE to spend that much money so they can make more money. The director Mr. Irwin is NOT hired for animals, he's hired to run a successful non profit org. PERIOD. That is not a detrimental remark.   It is a fact of business and how tax exempts operate.

I'm not spouting gossip or anger. All these figures are available to the public by looking at their tax forms each year. Most people trust the widely recognized watch dog effort 'ANIMAL PEOPLE NEWS' to gain their information on such issues.

The larger national animal protection organizations actually survive off the failures or the projects we pay them to solve. Think about that. This is, after, America.  They could take a problem, like overpopulation and solve it in just a YEARS TIME. But then they couldn't send out pictures of little puppies and get lots of donations. They see the response a given story brings with donations and will focus on that particular topic to increase their income.  Now, if that 'entity' is one of their largest money making sources, it would be suicide to solve the problem, as this would dissolve a sizable portion of their present income.

They 'claim' to be providing humane education around the country, but making this information available over the Internet or via mailings to selected schools across the country is not even close to the implementation of a substantive and informative program.  How successful would our present education system be if we allowed everyone who is seeking a high school diploma, to access the Internet and only take what they felt like in order to graduate?

Remember just like our religious fanatics and minority leaders, absent crimes and imaginary situations against their people and teachings, these organizations disappear -- this means jobs. If the HSUS really solved one of these problems, they would have to lay off a large portion of their employees.

Is the American public is too damn stupid to recognize that?

FACT: Since 1983, Americans have spent $1 billion annually on community animal control efforts.
FACT: Since 1983 Americans have also donated approximately $1 billion annually to their favorite animal protection organizations.
FACT: With more than 3,000 non profit organizations in the United States dedicated to this cause and the countless millions of man hours put into this effort in addition to the incredible figures of $40 billion since 1983 have not lead to one single solution. We still see dog pounds in every community across the nation scrambling to make room for the increasing numbers of dogs and cats.

"This is not rocket science - we just need folks to recognize change is necessary. We put a man on the moon; we can cure a new disease in record time; we even win wars in 100 days or less. Americans have the sophisticated technology and successful marketing prowess to make miraculous changes in the human race, on a global scale, yet, we canít seem to successfully convey the reality of our behavior and the subsequent consequences when it comes to how we view and care for our companion animals

People could work smart instead of hard.  That would be the single greatest step this movement could take to see improvements.  Improvements that have been brought to the public's eye by the national groups,  but in diluted form.

Again, I will end this with the fact that our world is much better off with these organizations and their efforts, than it would be without them.   However, it is now time for them to strive for a much better report card in the future. Afterall,  'TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED."