Changes Needed for National Animal Protect

 Humane Education in Our Nation’s Schools

Dolan Spring, Arizona, March 17, 2005 –

Corporate corruption has reached nearly every part of our nation’s social programs; including the way in which we treat our pets on a daily basis. 21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services (21st Century Cares) is a nonprofit organization intent on bringing this corruption to light so the focus on animal rights goes to where it belongs – the education of our youth. The organization is currently seeking media help in bringing their message to the nation

Every year 8 million unwanted pets are put to death even as other litters are being born. The pounds and shelters continue to ask for money to solve the problem, yet no real progress is being made in that direction. For a majority of these agencies, 90 ¢ on every $1 that comes in is spent on administration costs. Are they truly attempting to solve the problem of pet overpopulation? One has to wonder if the solution is being ignored so the money can continue rolling in from generous benefactors.

Randy Warner, President of 21st Century Cares, says the only real solution is to educate our children for the future.

Conscience has proven a much greater tool that consequence.

When a child has been educated in the humane treatment of animals, he not only treats his pets better, but his grades improve and his attitude toward other humans also reflects that teaching. The current attitude toward killing unwanted pets simply reinforces the violence and death value this society appears to be developing. It also guarantees that the corporate corruption that has invaded the animal rights movement will continue to take root and grow. Only by educating our future leaders can we undo some of the damage being done by our present leaders.

21st Century Cares is currently looking for opportunities for interviews in all forms of mass media. It is essential that society take responsibility for this issue and learn how to resolve it. You may contact Randy Warner at

21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is to educate children and youth in the care and treatment of animals so the future for our four legged friends is brighter than their present. Its focus is on the problem of overpopulation as well as abuse.