This survey is to be filled out completely anonymously. NO one will ever know who filled out what survey or how that particular participant answered any question, so in order for us to obtain reliable information, we simply ask that you answer the questions to your best ability and to select the answer that comes the closest to the answer which reflects your current situation and opinions. Some of the questions will not have the answer that adequately fits your personal situation.  PLEASE USE ONLY THE OPTIONS PROVIDED.  No write-in answers or additional comments.  Simply use the one that is closest to your belief or situation. Our hopes are to receive honest and unbiased answers to the questions to follow.

The survey is to be taken by those families and households who presently have at least one dog as a current pet. The answers you provide should reflect this pet or pets. Other pets such as birds, cats, ferrets, reptiles, etc. should not be reflected in the answers you give on this questionnaire.

To see the results of a previous survey results  & many options of tallying scores., please click here.  

Please see that only one person from each household participate in this survey. Circle one.

               I am UNDER THE AGE OF 18                    I AM OVER THE AGE OF 19

All surveys must be filled out during the given classroom period or time frame allotted and NOT to be taken home or shared with others.

This survey is NOT meant to be judgmental or critical of any person who is giving of their time to help us to gather the information requested, so we do urge honesty in providing the information we are seeking. Each question must be answered or the entire questionnaire will be void.

Make NO CHANGES, alterations or additions to the questions as they are posed. If they do not apply to you at the present, please answer as you would if you were in that situation.

Answer ALL questions.


Please Circle the answer that best describes your present situation with regards to your pet dog.

1. Does your dog sleep inside your house at nighttime? (garage does not count as Ďinsideí for this particular question.

A.      Every night

B.      Occasionally, depending on weather

C.      Never

2. Do you have more than one dog presently? Yes    No

3. My dog is A. 5-20 # B. 25 Ė 50# C. 55-80# D. Huge

4. I/We originally adopted our dog as a companion animal. Yes    No

5. The dog was intended for our child/children but they soon lost interest and did not follow up on their promise of responsibilities in caring for or playing with the dog. Therefore, the poor dog just sits alone in the back yard now. Yes    No

6. Do you bathe your dog(s)

A.      weekly

B.      monthly

C.      annually

D.      never

7. How often do you take your dog to the vet?

A. Every six moths

B. Once per year

C. Once every 3 years

E.      Only when obvious medical attention is required

8. Is your dog currently up to date on vaccinations? Yes    No

9. Is your dog currently displaying some form of identification or microchip? Yes   No

9a. If your answer is no, please circle one or more of the following.

A.      My dog never leaves the property and doesnít need ID

B.      My dog always chews it off or looses his collars or tags

C.      Iíve just not gotten around to getting it done for him/her yet, but intend to.

10. Is your dog friendly with other people when they come to your house? Yes   No

11. Is your dog friendly with other dogs if they should wander into your yard or come with a friend to visit? Yes  No

12. I walk my dog A. Daily B. Once per week C. Never

Keeping in mind this survey is completely anonymous and will never reveal the participant and is not meant to be judgmental to those who help us obtain this information, we remind you to do your best to select the appropriate answer that most closely reflects your present situation with your dog.

13. In the past two years, with the fast paced lifestyle Americans now face on a daily basis, divorces and extra curricular activities of the youngsters and teens in your household, have you ever accidentally forgotten to provide your dog with water or food on a given day? Yes  No.

14. Do you socialize your dog with other dogs for play and exercise? Yes  No

15. I try to get my dog to a dog park or play with other dogs

A.      Frequently

B.      Rarely

C.      Never

16. Do you ever socialize your dog with other people outside your household members? Yes   No

17. Is your dog likely to bite a stranger who comes to the house? Yes   No

18. Is your dog apt to become excited and seem vicious when approaching anther dog while on a walk? Yes   No

19. Have your ever relinquished a dog to a dog pound, rescue organization or another family?  Yes,  No

20. If a seemingly nice couple with a 13 year old daughter approached your family and said they love your dog and offered you $100, would you consider letting the dog go with them? Yes  No

21. Does your dog bark a lot at night? Yes   No

22. Have your neighbors ever complained to your or your local animal regulations about the barking? Yes  No

22a. If the answer is YES, please circle one of the following that best describes the steps

You took to correct the problem.

A.      We paid a fine

B.      We sought professional training for the dog to curb this action

C.      We did nothing, as the complaining party is being unreasonable

D.      We made the decision to give the dog away or take him to the dog pound to avoid further problems with the neighbors or complaining parties

E.      We brought the dog inside the house at nighttime.

23. Does your dog jump on people when approached? Yes  No

24. Has your dog been to the vet within the past 18 months for a regular check up? Yes   No

25. Is your dog happy around children? Yes  No

26. Is your dog safe to be around children with proper supervision? Yes   No

27 Is your dog spayed or neutered? Yes   No

27a. If the answer is Yes, at what age was the dog altered?

A.      About 6 months of age

B.      18 months to 2 years of age

C.      Before we adopted him/her

If the answer is no, please circle the closest description of your reasoning or circumstances which have prevented this from taking place.

A.      I/We have not had the funds to do so.

B.      I/We wish to look into the possibility of having a litter of puppies

C.      I donít feel it is necessary or normal to do this surgery

28. My opinion on having a litter of puppies is that it is

A.      Good for the dog to have at least one litter

B.      Ok for some people to do

C.      Not a good idea at all

29. When going on vacation for 3-4 day weekend, we usually

          A  Try to take the dog along with us whenever possible

           B    Take the dog to a boarding facility or pay a licensed pet sitter to care for                 him/her during our absence.

            C    Leave it at home and ask a neighbor to check in on it once a day

            D    Leave it outside and let the water run and provide plenty of food for the                 period we intend to be gone.

30. There have been occasions where I have hit or spanked my dog to enforce the Ďrulesí of the household. Yes   No

31. On the occasion that I hit or spanked the dog, I made him/her cry from the action Yes  No

32. My feeling is that is the only way to enforce the power structure when training a dog to understand who is in charge by using physical force. Yes  No

33 When my present dog dies, I will get another dog. Yes   No

34. When searching for a pet dog, I only consider puppies. Yes  No

35. When adopting a dog, I usually consult some form of professional advice in regards to the proper care for this particular type dog and itís needs and future training tips. Yes   No

36. The thought of adopting an adult dog from the pound or rescue organization just does not appeal to me. Yes   No

37. Dogs who have been turned in to the pound or rescue groups must have something wrong with it and that is why I would not consider one of these dogs. Yes  No

37. I have adopted a dog from a pound or rescue group in the past. Yes   No

38. For your lifestyle, the thought of having TWO dogs that are compatible in size and energy is simply not appealing to me at all for the following reason

                A Canít afford to feed two

                B I feel I can provide all the dogs needs myself

C It simply never works well in my opinion

D. I donít feel my dog would tolerate another in his/her territory

39. My feeling on having two dogs at once in regards to the dogís happiness and socialization is

A If you can afford it and have the room, it would be ok.

B Donít really see the need or any benefits

40. If your dog was found to have an ear infection which the vet quoted as costing $500 - $600 to correct, would you make the decision to have it treated immediately? Yes  No

If your answer is no, the reason would be

            A Donít have the money

            B Donít feel it is necessary or worth it

            C Other

               41. Providing that you somewhat agree to the following definitions of the two    words    provided, Please read the following two definitions before answering the  remaining  questions.


                "OWNER" is some one who takes or has possession of a piece of property  such as car, house, bicycle etc and has the right to do whatever                                         he/she  pleases with this property.

                "GUARDIANí is someone who has adopted or is given custody of a child   or pet and is responsible for providing the necessary elements for a                                safe and happy existence such as nurturing, food, water, shelter, love  and  appropriate guidance in life.


                42. I feel I am the owner of my pet. Yes   No

                43. I feel I am the guardian of my pet. Yes   No.

44. I feel that the  appropriate definition of which I am to and for my pet is decided by how I care for and treat my pet.  Yes  No

             45. I feel that is a good way to view the human pet relationship and will try to be

                    more   like a  guardian to my pet in the future. Yes    No

46. The age of my last pet upon his/her death was A Young B. Middle aged C. Very Old

(if pet did not die in your care, circle the one that would most closely match an educated guess)

47. The age of the oldest pet Iíve ever been responsible for was

    A 5-10 years

    B 11-15 years

    C Older

48. Iíve used paid professional dog training for at least one of my dogs in the past. Yes    No

49. I plan to seek some form of professional guidance for the next dog I adopt. Yes No

50 When I transport my dog to and from various destinations, I allow him/her to ride in the back of the pick up truck. Yes  No

51. When my dog accompanies me in the car, he/she is restrained with appropriate safety measures to assure his/her safe arrival. Yes  No.

52 My dog(s) rarely even go outside the house except to use the bathroom. Yes No

53 My dog has a doggy door or other means of coming in and out of the house as he/she wishes. Yes   No

54. My dog sleeps outside always, because I/we

A.      We want a guard dog for protection of our property

B.      We simply believe he is happier outside rather than inside

C.      We intend to allow some Ďinsideí time for the dog, but have just not gotten around to doing any training yet.

54a For those who circled ĎA" on the previous question, have you ever obtained any professional guidance or training for the Ďguard dogí responsibilities.

A Yes the dog is trained by a professional guard dog trainer

B No, we just allow him/her to bark to notify us of any visitors

               55.    My dog is chained up most of the time, as he/she will

                        A.   Jump the fence and escape without restraints

                        B.  We simply have no fencing and is thought to be our only option.

                        C.  We don't want our dog to tear up the yard.

                        D.  Our dog is never tied up.

                56. . My dog does not have his/her current vaccinations due to the following reason

A.      Not enough money at this time

B.      Not enough time to make the visit to the vet

C.      It is my belief that it is just not that important.

D.      Does not apply - my pets are current.

57. I would probably consider allowing my dog to sleep inside the house at night time if he/she Was appropriately behaved and compatible to my home and lifestyle. Yes    No

58. I have had dogs who escaped my care and were never again seen or heard from. Yes    No

59. When training a new dog in the home, there have been members of the household who have hit or kicked the dog during a strong reprimanding. Yes    No

60. I am really happy when I have a dog at my side. Yes     No

Please respond to only one of the following questions from 61 to 63. Please locate the age appropriate question for yourself.

1. I am still in school and so far Iíve had ___________ dogs in my lifetime.

2. I am between the ages of 25 and 40 and have had __________ dogs in my lifetime.

3. I am between the ages of 45 and 65 and have had __________ dogs in my lifetime.

64. My dog is just too stupid to be trained like I would like, so I just never sought any professional help. Yes    No

65. Although Iíve never taken a dog training course or read an entire dog training guide book, I still feel I am qualified to train a dog. Yes   No

66. For a successful results in dog training efforts, pretty much anyone CAN do a good job providing they have the following 3 important traits: (circle the three you feel are the most important and bring the most success)

A.      love for the animal you are working with

B.      a definite plan in which to follow

C.      Patience of a saint and then some

D.      Knowledge of just how a dog absorbs the various forms of communications that we are providing regularly.

E.      Talent to combine the love, patience, ability to work with the dog and to know when to reward the dog and how.

F.      Understanding of what you are realistically trying to accomplish with this dog at this time

G.     It would be best for anyone who wishes to try and train a dog, to refer to a book or web site which offers tips, ideas and suggestions from a professional who has had considerable successes and experience in training jobs.

H.      The initial selection of the dog was actually thought out and discussed prior to our acquisition, so as to assure the family that the new member would blend nicely with our lifestyle.


67.      I personally feel very strongly against families having a litter of puppies in their homes. Yes  No.

    68. I do not fault those who had an accidental litter, such as a dog escaping or     getting lost or an intruding dog. True    False

69.  My family had a litter of puppies at one time. Please circle the one that      HONESTLY reflects the steps you took when adopting out the puppies. (this really applies to all)

A. All the adoptive parties seemed to love their new puppies, promised to take good care of him or her and we felt satisfied.

B.      I had presented each potential adoptee with an adoption agreement which included mandates for feeding, sleeping and altering arrangements, dates, etc. If the adoption did NOT work out with this particular party, the dog could only be brought back to me and upon visiting the new home during the firs year, it also allowed for my removal of the puppy if the situation was not what was agreed to.

C.      does not apply as we've never had a litter at all.


70.  Regarding my answers to the previous 68 questions,  I could be pursuaded to make changes if it were shown to me that my actions and/or current treatment of my pets could help reduce the number of unwanted animals in the US.. YES    NO


71. Knowing that he United States will kill approximately 8 million adoptable pets this year, I certainly feel very strongly that this and many other problems could be substantially improved with some form of humane education in our nationís schools. Yes No


That completes the survey and questionnaire.    21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services appreciates the time youíve given to fill out the questionnaire and to provide us some information for our study. Randy Warner, founder of 21st Century Cares is on a mission to help schools in 40 states to form their own humane education clubs for the students. Please visit our website at to see his tour schedule, guidelines and missions for the clubs, along with the information heíll deliver to the schools he and his dogs visit. If you live in one of the cities he is planning to visit, or know of someone who does, please let Randy know. Local contacts make a world of difference when attempting to gain access to our public schools in todayís world.

If you participated in this study and questionnaire and would like to see the results and score tallies, please send an email to to request the results at no charge. If you do not have email, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope to Randy Warner 16224 North Linda Drive, Dolan Springs, AZ 86441.