Ten reasons will clearly prove that nobody really wants to solve the animal related problems!!

"Like a Non-Profit Enron, the large National Animal Protection Organizations rake in Millions but can show very very little in 25 years'

Today's animal protection efforts have recently come under fire by various media groups and animal protection organizations.  Many within the ranks are confident that most of the problems we work so diligently on, could have and should have  been solved and corrected years ago, but for one problem: Human Beings!  With over 3,000 animal protection organizations in this country, boasting millions of 'members' and logging an estimated 50 billion man hours since 1979, one must wonder .  On this page you will find the top ten reasons why Americans really do not want these issues to see resolve.   After all,  We are Americans. If we honestly wanted this problem to be solved, it would have been by now. No doubt about it.

If anyone has any  honest expectations of actually seeing changes and truly solving some of the basic problems that plague our animal friends, then we must make changes.  We can no longer afford to argue our egos, explain away our failures, defend our agendas and continue to waste billions of dollars to continue fighting a battle with the same ammunitions that have consistently brought defeat in the past. It's no secret, that if unified, the animal protection movement would be the largest lobbying effort in Washington and we would be able to see many changes.

1 - Most Americans do not know much at all about the proper care and treatment necessary for a dog or cat to have the good life they deserve and they refuse to learn. There is no comprehensive educational program to provide reliable information regarding proper care and instinctive habits that surface in our pets' activities.  Most humans misunderstand their pets actions, refuse to 'listen' to them and only provide the same treatment as what they witnessed when growing up. Unfortunately that still holds true today. Their egos seem to win out over compassion and willingness to be educated. No body asks professionals for guidance, rents videos or reads websites to get the proper care for their pets because they refuse to be reminded that they don’t know. The animals suffer.

We can put a man on the moon, place a robotic rover on mars, cure diseases in record time and win wars in under 100 days.  We have the marketing prowess to change human behavior around the world with incredible success, but we can't or won't get together in one movement to clearly inform the masses of the importance of spay and neutering. We have not shown American residents, corporations and local governments that they  will see personal as well as financial benefits by working to solve these issues.  We have not stopped backyard or puppy-mill breeding, stopped dog fighting lowered the level of abuse in our inner city or suburbia neighborhoods. We have not insisted that the courts enforce the laws already on the books. And by no means has this generation been stellar at teaching compassion.

2 - Schools continue to deny offers for humane education - even though most programs are free. And even though it can and will affect each and every person in that building sometime during their lives.

Our nations' schools are so under funded and constantly being driven by test scores, they are rarely welcoming when organizations offer to bring a humane education program into their classes - even though a few states have mandatory humane education laws and many of the humane education programs offered are at no charge to the schools.  These programs have multi-level benefits to all the young people who attend.  When it's brought into the class through the guidance counselor program of character development,   the young people have higher achievement scores, improved attendance rates and frequently adopt a less violent conflict resolution technique which leads to a more compassionate future for everyone.

But, the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas    laughingly  argues that they DO provide Humane Education to their local and area schools and proudly point to the 3 days they had a volunteer at the school for the mentally handicapped last season as proof.   Of course, the educated reader will ask, 'Well what about the rest of the 800,000 students in the district?  Where was your organization the other 230 school days?"  To which they will have no answer.  We don't think they actually gave that any thought, so we dropped the subject.

3 -- This brings us to the Large National Organizations and the fact that most of them are much more interested in raising money, pointing fingers at other national organizations, avoiding the real problems, and use the money to money to pay over-inflated  salaries than to actually educate the public or make a true noticeable difference. But they still know how to 'pat themselves on the back' so they can rake in another $1 billion of your dollars this year. It's practically unheard of for them to work together. They seem much more interested in top billing as opposed to the end results and actual accomplishments. How far along do you think the space program would be today if NASA was actually 7 competitive entities who refused to share their knowledge and combine efforts for a common goal?

We need to point out that  Americans have paid $1 billion in taxes to animal control efforts annually for the past 20 years and subsequently donated an equal amount of nearly $1 billion to their favorite animal protection organizations annually.  With that, you would think that we could proudly say ''See all the problems we've solved" but have we have solved even one thing!  They've made the same promises for 25 years and never kept a single one.  But they can sure take our donations each year with a big smile. Then, blindly, we give again.

Politics,  Agendas,  Egos and  Greed tend to lead to the continuing demise of the seemingly noble efforts.  So my first concern is, knowing all this, why haven't the larger animal organizations taken on a project and SOLVED IT? They have the manpower, the legislative votes and the financial resources to do so. What has become of the more than $40 billion from the past 25 years?   Like a non profit Enron.  Unfortunately, their primary goals are to keep their organization financially strong while ignoring the potential they have to actually do what they've promised their contributors. After all, if they should actually solve one or more of the major problems, they would be forced to downsize, layoff employees and would also be forced to abolish their cute little pictures of dogs and cats behind bars awaiting certain death - 'the money shots' as they are called. They spend the billions of dollars we've given them over the years on over inflated salaries, luxury offices and even allow millions to simply sit in their bank accounts (per their 2002 IRS Tax returns) to collect interest. Yet, they fail to show any results or true nationwide success stories.

4 - Animal controls are notoriously under funded and under educated, yet over worked because of humans who refuse to be responsible and caring. They are caught in the middle.  The citizens want better animal control, but the agency is never properly funded by their supervisory boards.  . Many animal control agencies profit from the animals they kill, but the community doesn't know or won't take proper steps to make the necessary changes. Again, though, the animals suffer.



We, the larger national ANIMAL organizations declare our differences with Randy N. Warner of 21st Century CARES and strongly disagree with his claims that we have failed to resolve any of the animal related issues  were for political reasons.  We are shocked by his allegations and hope that all our loyal supporters recognize the black eye he is giving to the animal movement as a whole.  We assure the public and media that we are here for one reason and one reason only - that is to help the animals and will do any and everything possible to show our determination in the future.*

*Providing of course, that anyone we work with agrees with our agenda and nobody elses, don't try to judge or criticize our self righteous attitudes against all others, that they have had no working relationship with any other animal protection group over the last 2 years, always say nice things about us, don't bring up the nice salaries we make, never mention 'political' in the same sentence as us, are of the same religion as we are, and of course, no republicans are allowed, no language that may offend the Zimbabwe national Forrest rangers, that none of our employees get their feelings hurt since we are the ONLY animal organization that really matters, that all GOOD ideas are made to appear as if they are ours, and all BAD ideas be pinned on other organizations, that the public does NOT find out about the fact we spend 95 cents for every dollar on our private jets, large corporate office buildings and combined annual printing costs of over $250million EACH AND EVERY YEAR just so we can continue to make money  ...(5 additional pages of demands deleted due to space limitations)...... and that nobody in our midst has worked for or purchased products from any of the following companies in the past 40 years.
AT & T
Proctor and Gamble
The Gap
Hickory Farms of Ohio
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Hartz Mountain
Ralph Lauren
Roto Rooter
Dish Satellite
Brach's Candies
(Remainder of the list of 11, 476 American companies banned by the larger animal protection groups has been deleted for lack of space.)

Nope!!!  No politics here, huh

5 - The city governments around the nation just poo-poo any animal related upgrades or additional funding. But are quick to give themselves substantial pay raises on a regular basis. Much of this comes from simple ignorance as well as greed. They don't even believe in themselves, let alone the residents in the given jurisdictions. They do NOT protect the animals, and have the audacity to  charge volunteer  rescuers money for every little thing - MUCH of it having little or nothing to do with the safety and well being of the animals, but everything to do with trying to prevent rescues from forming and to squeeze as much money out of them as possible if they do.

6 - Rescue groups and individuals around the nation work their butts to the bone, devote most of their lives, spend thousands of their own dollars,  only to waste hours and hours gossiping online to harm other rescuers  or to be back-stabbed by a co-worker, forming modern day witch hunts or be ram-sacked by animal control officers, and, with no appreciation or even respect by the majority of the citizens, become bitter and apathetic. Much too much ego boosting and again, forgetting what their goals actually are too much of the time. They rarely do more than clean up yesterday's mess - almost never considering tomorrow.

While these noble individuals who actually put in all the work get paid nothing - even spend thousands of their own dollars each year on this effort, the bulk of publicity and praise seems to go to the larger national organizations who continue to battle each other for positioning,  the rescue community refuses to organize or develop an agency of their own making to regulate, provide a voice in government and protect the rescuers as well as help the animals. When presented with an opportunity to make a difference, they tend to explode initially, but fail to make a presentation that is affective nor have any follow-through.  In spite of the incredible level of commitment, time, energy and money, they know little about how to accomplish other than placing their rescues.   There for, nothing in regards to organizing, future planning, setting standards and guidelines, having a voice in congress, providing insurance and protection for their rescues is being done -  and it all needs to be done. All the while, they simply assure themselves and the animals that nothing will change for tomorrow because non of them made any arrangements and gave only yesterday and today any thought.

7 - Most courts refuse to uphold the laws that are in place and fail to prosecute those who harm or even kill innocent animals. This, in spite of the facts that we KNOW through research that those who begin early life with abusing animals are much more likely to grow up and continue by committing more severe crimes against humans.  There is no secret our jails are overcrowded today.  However, there is also no secret that the links between animal abuse and more severe criminal activity and violence against humans are well researched and proven.  These acts of violence need to be addressed by the courts to prevent so much violence and criminal behavior in the future.

8 - All mainstream religion refuses to discuss the brutal treatment of the companion animals we all call Man's Best Friend, knowing that abuse, neglect and death happens within each congregation on a regular basis, but it's OK for them to tell us what to eat, who to sleep with and even clear guidelines of what to wear. All this while asking for donations and the animals continue to suffer.   With a local rape case or child molestation, they move mountains to show their compassion.  Knowing that hundreds of animal abuse cases happen in the same area each week, they choose to ignore them.  Maybe we should donate to our places of worship in the names of our pets.  $$$$$

9 - THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA REFUSES TO TELL THE REAL TRUTH BECAUSE IT UPSETS TOO MANY VIEWERS TO HEAR HOW MANY DOGS AND CATS WE KILLED YESTERDAY. You know what? I'll bet all those animals dragged into the little room to be killed yesterday were a little upset, too, and would have gladly sat back and forgiven us if we'd upset some people if only they could have lived another day. Additionally, it is MOST LIKELY those who are causing the problems, that don’t want to be reminded of their repeated mistakes.

10 - Obviously corporations have not been smart enough to recognize the value of their roles in this, nor how they could all benefit by working to correct these problems. The fact is, nobody has been smart enough yet to clearly show the public, local governments and even corporations, how finding solutions to these problems would actually benefit their ‘bottom line’ by paying fewer taxes, charging responsible guardians with acceptable fees, bringing a more compassionate community and work force - all while saving lives.  A MUCH MORE COMPASSIONATE WORLD IN WHICH TO LIVE!  "BROUGHT TO YOU BY XYZ CORP.  A SPONSOR OF HUMANE EDUCATION IN OUR SCHOOLS"

I am more and more convinced that NOBODY truly wants to see these problems of animal abuse and pet overpopulation solved. There are good reasons why. It  had a large number of egos, supports a substantial number of jobs and would simply take an honest, mature effort of 'sharing' ideas and working 'together' - something the animal protection movement in this country is simply not capable of doing.   Everyone wants an easy fix. The claim that ’’it takes money’’ to get this done is just stupid. If that were true, you would certainly think that we would have reached that dollar amount by now.  Everyone insists on lining their pockets while demanding to do it 'their way' without ever listening to other ideas. But, without at least listening to all the ideas, then how would you know which way is best?

I really hope the public will finally recognize that they need to speak out when they see someone who's mistreating or neglecting their pets.  It is not only their right to report their neighbors and friends for not providing the appropriate care for these creatures, it is their responsibility to do so.  Undoubtedly, our nation must give serious consideration to including a substantive and powerful humane education program in our curriculums very soon. By not doing so, they are literally allowing these poor pets to suffer - even die. Teaching our decision makers of tomorrow that compassion, nor education is really all that important.

Finally everyone also needs to recognize that although the larger animal orgs have a strong and substantial place in our society, we cannot depend on them to solve any problems, as has been proven over the years. Recognizing that all these problems are OURS to solve through becoming more educated and responsible in how we view our companion animals is the only way. We have the ability to make changes WHEN WE WANT TO!!!!!! We just really haven’t wanted to up until now.

When the large organizations can begin working together, the rescue efforts can stop bickering and feeding their own egos, the local governments will be held to the fire when they fail to protect their local animals by upholding the existing laws, the media can finally have a strong and informative story to tell, schools aren’t afraid of a one hour program for fear of affecting their almighty test scores and corporations can finally see that solutions actually offer additional $$ to their bottom line, we may begin to see improvements - even solutions. It’s called “working smarter, not harder“.

Should it be that we are unable to handle our differences within this movement with more direction and less immaturity,  we will be forced to leave these problems to our children - admitting we were incapable of solving the problems we have spent so much time and effort on. Here is the story we will tell them.  www.21stcenturycares.org/storybook.htm