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Humane Education/Character Development increases students scholastic achievement scores, improves learning skills as well as attendance rates and even makes for a more responsible and  compassionate future.

Building a Better Future For Our Kids
2004  December


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*Spotlight Master: combination Spotlight on Humane Education, Must Reads for Humane Education and Change Through Humane Education.   A total of 352 pages for just $39.95. Saving you $21.


*Youth Master: combination of Youth and Humane Education,  Humane Education for the Masses, Project Suggestions for Humane Education and 110 State Approved Lesson Plans for Humane Education and character development.  A total of 406 pages for just $43.99. Saving you nearly $40.

"Spotlight On Humane Education"  $19,99 An educational collection of 125 pages including articles, studies and examples of lesson plans. PREVIEW SPOTLIGHT BOOK HERE

"For Change Through Humane Education" $19.95.  After 50 years of the Animal Protection Movement, we still have stumbling blocks. Correcting these problems is the only way for our effort to move forward. PREVIEW FOR CHANGE BOOK HERE

"Youth and Humane Education" $19.95 targets the most likely audience for learning with a variety of wonderful lessons and stories for and about young people. PREVIEW YOUTH BOOK HERE

"Must Reads For Humane Education" $19.95 offers some of the most powerful articles that will open anyone's eyes. PREVIEW MUST READS HERE

"Humane Education For The Masses" $19.95 is full of stories by world famous authors and editors for informative reading or next group discussion. PREVIEW H.E. FOR THE MASSES HERE

"Project Suggestions'' $19.95 offers an in-depth look at creative and successful means of increasing membership, community awareness, raising funds & newsletters. PREVIEW PROJECT SUGGESTIONS HERE

"Lesson Plans K-12" $19.95 offers dozens of  state approved teaching and learning resources as well as suggested reading materials for all ages.  PREVIEW LESSON PLANS READING MATERIALS HERE



This is  a series of 7 handbooks and guides for humane education for all animal protection professionals,  schools,  libraries, animal control facilities,  humane societies and more.  These books are intended to help any interested party to prepare to join 

''THE TEAM''   

 Today's Humane Education  That Educates And Motivates.

"Humane Education is more than a philosophy.  It's a road map  to a society defined by moral integrity, compassion and invention.  Coupled with the Arts and Sciences, Humane Education provides the richest gains for all as well as having a strong impact on troubled and at risk teens.  This series of books is a 'Must Have' for all libraries and classrooms!" Dr. Jeanette Shutay Ph.d.  National Lewis University

Humane Education is categorized as Character Development. It is known to provide those students who complete these courses to have improved achievement scores, higher attendance rates and a less violent conflict resolution technique.  In knowledge, patience and responsibility, humane education provides the foundation necessary to provide for a better life for all those with whom we share this planet.

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With more then 500 articles, stories, lesson plans, project suggestions and studies included by Ph.d's in education as well as well respected animal protection professionals, the series is totally non political,  promotes no agenda and has no affiliation with any other entity. The information has been categorized into 7 easy reference handbooks.

Simply click on the title of the book you select to order  or just buy the entire collection.  Each book with approximately 95 - 120 full sized 8 1/2'' X 11'' pages to move this effort forward in a more informed and successful manner.  Nearly 900 pages that will benefit all tomorrow's young people and animals. The book sales will help to fund our organization's efforts to see humane education in our nation's schools

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