On this page,  I will give you guaranteed means of saving thousands in vet bills,  helping your children to read,  improving your relations with neighbors,  making your family healthier, giving your children a higher self esteem, making your pet healthier and have a longer life all while providing you with 'protection' from burglary and other preditors that may prey on your family members in the home. It all boils down to one simple act, that does not cost a single penny.

Pets can bring the greatest joy into your life if you only allow them to give the love they have.  That is all they wish to do.  This experience can be made much easier with a few simple common sense points to keep in mind.

Realize that bringing a pet into your life is a commitment of 10-15 years.  Are you stable enough to know that you can keep a pet for that period of time?  Make sure the dog you select is the right one for your home and lifestyle. DO NOT JUST CHOOSE A DOG BASED ON APPEARANCE ALONE.  I remember seeing an elderly woman with a Dalmatian puppy of 6-7 months.  She just could not walk it on a leash.  ( Dalmatians are bred to run 50 miles per day and they really need to do so)  When I asked her why she decided on that breed, her response was that she liked the polka dots. 

You want a dog that compliments your lifestyle, not one that alters it.  Spend time with a variety of dogs to familiarize yourself with the breed temperment, level of energy, tolerance of small children, likelihood to run off if off leash and any other requirements you may need from a pet. Try an afternoon at a local dog park or talking to your vet.

When you have a type in mind,  check for local rescue organizations in your area.  These groups can tell you everything you need to know about each individual dog they have available,  and give them to you current on all vaccinations, spayed and neutered and ready to be with the right family.

It's best NOT to start with a young puppy only.  Let your initial dog be one of 2-4 years of age to begin with.  The dog remains the same dog as when you brought it home and won't surprise you with exceptional size or longer hair than expected, etc. These dogs also come at a time when their chewing and digging stage of life has just recently past and their experience on a leash is such that you won't likely be twisted up as you attempt to walk together. Most importantly,  is probably already house broken by now!  Plus, in 6 months to a year, you should be ready for a second,  COMPATIBLE dog and this one can be a puppy.  The older, already established dog can and will train the puppy in ways that you and I never thought of. - saving you headaches, heartbreaks and hundreds of dollars in chewed items around the home, as they play together and don't find the need to chew on your valuables.

A dog house in the back yard or a 'dog run' are both examples of sad excuses of people who are too lazy to provide the dog with what it really needs and ultimately only give it what they want it to have.

The most important information has come from a wide variety of research studies done around the nation over the past 10 years by the veterinary associations,  animal groups and animal control agencies nationwide.  The most conclusive findings from each one of them, is that an indoor pet ( inside the home at least during the  night time hours ) is likely to live 3-5 years longer,  less likely to bite the wrong person,  less likely to earn numerous complaints for barking all night,  less likely to escape the yard and get picked up by animal control or killed on the street,  will experience only a fraction of medical problems as those who never come inside - saving you hundreds of dollars in vet bills - maybe more.  But, get this:  an indoor pet ( meaning at least on a rug or doggy bed, not necessarily given free reign inside the home nor be on furniture and have some interaction with the humans for an hour or so before bedtime) can help prevent allergies and asthma in babies and small children and has even been known to cure a few cases.  Most impressive of all,  can and will protect the humans with full vigor and ability as they can greet strangers or trouble makers at the door and confront them physically unlike the dog who is tied up or in a pen out back.  Indoor pets can help young children to learn to read.  Indoor pets provide young children with a higher self esteem while growing up and will likely be remembered forever as one of the best friends they've had all their life. Indoor pets have proven to benefit pregnant mothers as well as newborn babies health. There are definite links between adult criminal behavior and lack of proper knowledge and treatment of pets during childhood.  This is now one of the profiling points used by the FBI.  It has also been proven that children with an indoor pet are more likely to be more compassionate as adults and less likely to commit serious crimes later in life. Reference:   

Needless to say,  this article is expressly offered to the public in an attempt to reduce the trials and tribulations of acquiring a new pet,  to save money, save time,  have a more beneficial experience for both human and animal.  I understand that much of what is within this page is new and unknown to many, but I assure you it is not unfounded, nor does it have weak support in the facts.  So, if you are contemplating a new pet,  read this again. 

Thanks for reading this.