The 'Non musical Version' of OPUS ONE

And the Problems It Holds               By Randy N. Warner

Politics, agendas, egos and all the things the animal protection movement is riddled with.  all we need is some unity and intellect.  divisiveness is killing our efforts, not to mention all the lives lost.   the time has come.
OK. We hope to show that individual as you may be, you are part of a society that has a HUGE problem.  This problem of overpopulation takes every person to realize this so we are all singing the same song - no exceptions!
OK, We have 3,000  people in this conference hall - each to speak about their general views on animal care and their level of responsibility to correct the problems that plague our society. NO POLITICS.  NO EGOS.  NO APATHY.

As the microphones are turned on, each one of the 3,000 people begins singing their own song SIMULTANEOUSLY with no regard for any other song. Some sing of 'responsible breeding', some sing of ''the other person's lack of responsibility' some sing of mandatory spay and neutering'   some sing of killing dogs as the only way while others see many options to the same.

The sounds are deafening and just not at all pleasant - most importantly none are even  remotely distinguishable.  But the most obvious are the likes of those who claim "I'm only one person and can have litters that won't make a difference at all."  (these are the most uninformed and problematic of all) 
Now, lets' take the same 3,000 people in the same hall an hour later. When someone steps to the front and tries to organize some unity, they all  began to approach and listen. We'll make the animal rights
people  baritones,  the animal welfare people sopranos and animal protection people altos and anyone else who is just there to be good animal people the basses.
Now, for only  one  chorus of one little song, we all sing together.  It may not be the Mormon choir, but is so much more beautiful AND LEGIBLE than what was done before.  

Shortly thereafter, people of all walks of life begin to talk about  how much better it was when everyone at least tried to get along and sing the same song - even if for only one  chorus. They now realize that unity is important for most all projects - in order to send a clearer message and well as accomplish better results. The public now 'gets it' and the media can finally print a good solid outline of what we all agree needs to be done.  We CAN convince those who think  ''But I'm only one person" or those who feel ''their way is the only real way'' just how much they really do matter.  Remember, we can never expect to win the game unless all the team members play by the same rules.
Politics, egos nor apathy have a place in animal protection, animal welfare or animal rights movement.  We should ALL be ashamed of ourselves for all the animals who lost their lives this year that MAY HAVE been saved had we been more adult about our efforts.  We only need to convince our society that the results of each persons efforts have far reaching consequences for everyone. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!
Politics are responsible for this report card.
** In 20 years, Americans have spent $1billiion annually on community based animal control efforts = $20 Billion
** In 20 years Americans have spent $1Billion annually on donations to their favorite national or local org dedicated to the same. + $20 billion
** In 20 years 3,000 non profit orgs dedicated to helping animals have logged an absolute minimum of 25 billion man hours.
Our report card after 20 years?  A lousy 15% reduction in unwanted deaths.  That's about a D-  Thanks to our inability to convince so many that the ''I'm only one person'' is no credible justification, but an ignorant persons excuse for lousing things up.