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A three legged dog limps into a saloon, slings himself  onto a bar stool and says “Bartender, I’m looking for the man who shot my paw!”


That has nothing to do with this story, but don’t ya just love  a good dog joke?  Don’t ya just love a good dog?


Hollywood does.  As a matter of fact, so does Randy Warner and the 134 families pictured here.  Each year,  Randy’s organization, ‘Dalmatian Res Q’’ holds Their annual reunion for all the newly adoptive families and their Dalmatians to gather and share in their joys.


Last Saturday we had the pleasure of being invited to shoot photos of the event that was being taped for TV’s  ‘’Hard Copy’’ show thanks to the popularity of the Disney release of their live action version this month.


They filled the dog beach on Huntington Beach with Dalmatians who had found themselves in either abusive or neglectful situations earlier in life and faced almost certain death. 


.Then, one young man by the name of Randy Warner from  Dana Point entered their lives and brought them  all to these families you see them here with today.  Oh, and by the way,  these 134 families here today are just from this calendar year’s adoptions through Randy’s  Dalamatian ResQ  organization.


Warner has faced numerous battles with Orange County animal control for having one more at his home than the county ordinance allows – even taken to jail for doing what the county can’t seem to do.  But, we were solidly assured that these stumbling blocks would not even begin to deter his efforts to give these deserving creatures a second chance at a good home.  “It’s not their fault that they were adopted by ignorant and irresponsible humans,”  Warner said.


“Dalmatians aren’t for everybody.”  What that lesson is learned too late, Randy is the guy the dog pounds and families who are at their wits end, turn to


As a dog trainer and the founding force behind southern California’s Dalmatian ResQ, Warner has found homes for nearly 2,300 Dalmatians in just the past 18 years.  Those numbers obviously suggest a problem. ‘Dalmatians are nor a very difficult breed  if you know what you are getting into.”  Warner says.  “But, if you think you are getting a dog that is going to behave like a golden Retriever, you will most definitely be disappointed.”


In 1988, when Disney re- released  the  cartoon version of their ‘101 Dalmatians’ the breed jumped from 42nd in  popularity to 6th most favorite in less than one year.  In just 18 months the breed had reached the number 2 spot.  Sadly, the majority of those adopting the adorable little spotted puppies only knew them from the movie and were totally unprepared to handle a puppy who is simply bred to run 50 miles per day – nothing else.


This is where the tragedy of the story begins our hero appears. For more information on how you can also adopt a Dalmatian or make a donation to his efforts, call 714-565-3339