This is absolutely a MUST SEE!!!

Intended for all those who want to breed little Fluffy in order
To let their children experience the "miracle" of birth.
 This real-time video tape will hopefully be the
Wake-up call so many families need.
One of the many treasured films your whole family can watch
Over and over together for years to come!
Experience the joys of seeing a live puppy pop effortlessly
from its mother's body and see her consume the bloody
afterbirth! (Most children will squeal with delight when seeing
this for the first time – man will make a life-long commitment
 to celibacy then and there.)
Seeing the children cry  out in horror as they ask their mommy ‘what’s happening?’ as
 the parent drives the dying bitch to the vet, because they didn’t’ do the necessary
precautions prior to this with either dog
 is half the fun! 
Laugh with us at the madcap antics of a typical shelter worker
as she accepts new animals while keeping a straight face as mom
and dad assure screaming little Kevin that the nice lady will take VERY
GOOD care of 8-year Fluffy – knowing full well Fluffy will be dead within hours!
Only because ignorant people don’t realize that we are having t oo many
Litters and don’t have enough homes for them.
Oh, those adorable kids are so gullible!
You’ll have laugh after laugh at wonderful memories with this family video
Enjoy watching the frantic efforts of a breeder trying to
resuscitate a still-born puppy. And the expressions on those kids faces
were absolutely priceless!!
See the hilarious actions of a bitch who searches for the puppy
she thinks she just dropped but which was quickly tossed into
the wastebasket because it was only a blackened, half-developed
fetus because the family did no research on the dogs’ history or
background.  “We thought having AKC papers meant they
were both breeding quality” she screamed in ignorance.
Reserve a full 36 hours to see the entire set of tapes in one
sitting to really share the drama, boredom, and exhaustion of
the breeder as she labors to help her struggling bitch in
extended labor.
If you order your copy today, you will receive the most wonderful
 adventure series where cameras follow 5 out of the 8 puppies from the original
litter as they get passed from home
To home, neglected, abused (only because the humans
Refused to take this seriously and had no contracts, did no
Background checks nor did any followups.  They thought that
Would be too intrusive.  Claimed they didn’t have time)
Watch with joy as each one of the five ultimately
find their way to a peaceful existance via the local dog pound
where they will be euthanized later that day. Equally as eventful
and  dramatic as any Disney movie.
It ends with the human ‘’finding the time’’ to cash the checks.
“Sweet and heartwarming” is the only way to describe it!
Enjoy the thrills as the dog pound worker later
Shoves these unwanted puppies and other adult dogs into a gas
chamber as she chokes back tears and goes home to
try and explain to her children just what she does at work!
“Oopsy Daisy!  We forgot to mention the obvious  “Miracle of Death”
Which always goes hand in hand with the accidental or recreational litter!
We have high hopes for this video, following as it does on the
tremendous success of our first effort: "Do it yourself home
vasectomy, featuring George "squeaky" Baker," and its sequel,
"Do it yourself home explosives mixing, by Bob "lefty"
Special to the first five purchasers, one frozen still-born
puppy - just wait until you take it home and see how the kids'
eyes light up as the pup thaws!!
Copyright 1996, John A. McCormick, President and CEO, Nocturnal
Aviation Videos.Reproduction and distribution of this
advertisement in its entirety strongly encouraged.
Orders for this ‘NOT TO BE MISSED” video are
 not accepted by phone or mail order.
They will  be accepted, ONLY in  person because
 I REALLY want to meet you.