Randy N. Warner 64 of Dolan Springs Arizona is founder and president of 21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services. He is an award winning author of research articles regarding efficacies and methodology of humane education in our schools. He is also the author 8 books on humane education that he has donated to over 2,700 schools in 14 countries.

Randy, a young 64 yr old man, has been an animal lover all his life.  Born and raised in Pleasant Hill, Ohio just north of Dayton.  When he decided to sell his home in Cincinnati in 1985 and move to Los Angeles area,  he began working as a Dalmatian Rescuer.  And, well, true to form, Randy did not do a 'normal' type effort, nor did he have any trouble speaking his mind to the thousands of people who tried to explain why they ''just had to'' get rid of their wonderful Dalmatians.

Over the next 20 years,  Randy would save approx 2,500 Dalmatians from dog  pounds,  abusive homes and mostly selfish and uninformed guardians.  With Americans demanding that everything be politically correct and to view the world with Rose Colored glasses,  Randy is the one who stirs it all up again.  He's not one to let you sit in your living room and continue to walk around the elephant that is sitting in the middle of the room.  He'll tell you just what needs to be said and then throw your rose colored glasses on the floor for the elephant to step on while he makes his exit.

After attending college for  marketing,  he ended up re-inventing himself to be able to handle the surprisingly large need for people like him thanks to the Disney movies.  He began dog training,  doing boarding for families on vacation and even building deluxe dog houses for the Beverly Hills Crowd.  Not the upper middle class live he'd been accustomed to, but was more and more of a mission from his heart and this now gave him extra time to think and observe people and their animals as well as to make a serious effort to work with some of the larger national groups.

He would also battle with under funded, overworked local and area governments who use so many rescue efforts as a 'source of income' for their city or county.  After Riverside County authorities unjustly removed Randy's Dalmatians from his home and only returning two of the 17 confiscated,  Randy was initiated into the life of an activist.  Not only did he win the ultimate battle with the county,  he was also featured in People Magazine,  Los Angeles Times,   New York Post and when the dust had settled,  was bragging about more than 300 newspaper, magazine and TV appearances to tell his story.

It was so very clear that regardless of how long I worked on rescue or how many dogs I invited into my home,  the problems would still be prevalent throughout our society and something needed to be done to concentrate on the source of the problems and not just a 'post'  or band-aid effect like the national orgs are so famous for.

Randy and those who support 21st Century CARES, firmly believe that humane education to our young people is vital if we honestly hope to see some of our efforts resolve in our lifetime.  The focus is certainly on the youth grades 5-12, but when the opportunity arises,  we should do what ever possible to also show the adults just how easy and inexpensive it is to do the right thing the first time around and not place so much focus on trying to clean up yesterday's mess we made.

That is where this book comes into play. I do believe that after reading this book,  the animal protection movement should, or at least could begin to make the necessary changes that would bring resolve to so many issues we all care about - beginning with 'open communications' regarding issues to protect and save the animals.  The egos and politics among the larger national animal groups is knee deep on a good day.  it can be much worse when competition and egos surface.

Randy simply wants for nothing more in this world than to see the animals provided with the level of caring and compassion that God intended them to have.

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He has performed for two presidents, sang for Maria Von Trap (Sound of Music)

Warner has sat on the board of directors for Pride of Cincinnati for 2 years, and helped with Velvet Knights, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, BlueCoats,  and others since 1973.

Warner has founded three previous non profit organizations since 1980- all three animal related.
He now devotes his time to Las Vegas Marching Arts - his fourth. Las Vegas Marching Arts is a youth music education organization which oversees a variety of creative and unique performance opportunities for young musicians, dancers and performers in southern Nevada such as Las Vegas’ newest and most original choral performance troupe called “VocalMotion”.

"At some point in time, we must all make the decision to stop exhausting our energies and resources that place their focus on only cleaning up yesterday's problems involving today’s youth. Through bypassing the long arm of the law and judicial actions we can decide to implement solutions that will ultimately provide the youth with activities of our choosing. Such Activities will offer guidance through integrity and hard work through the proven effectiveness of a youth music organization."

Remembering a man saying to me once that, in order to be happy in life, one should find a way to live your life by doing what you loved most at the age of ten. Here I am.

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