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HSUS Shelters its Millions While Millions of Shelter Pets Die

This morning the HumaneWatch Document Library has a new addition: A 2009 Consolidated Financial Statement showing the financial ins and outs of the Humane Society of the United States and its family of affiliated organizations.

If you’re not a math or accounting whiz, here’s the bottom line: The HSUS empire was worth $191.3 million at the end of 2009.

HSUS's gargantuan balance sheet includes $148 million in investments ($66 million of which are in hedge funds). HSUS's pension funds alone are valued at $18.5 million. (In 2009 the organization socked 2.6 million doggie-dollars away for its executives' retirement.)

Meanwhile, our analysis of HSUS’s 2009 IRS tax return determined that the group shared less than one percent of its budget with hands-on pet shelters. How a "humane society" in name only continues to get away with this is a question that begs for an honest answer. 

HSUS states on its own website that between 6 and 8 million dogs and cats enter pet shelters every year. Why isn’t HSUS doing more to care for these animals? Does HSUS's interest in them end when Wayne Pacelle is done shooting his TV commercials? HSUS could easily fund shelters in all 50 states, but it doesn’t. (And we're not talking about PR exercises disguised as penny-ante spay/neuter grants.)

Homeless dogs and cats don’t care about political posturing, or “systematic” issues, or giving chickens the “right” to sue people. They just want to be fed and have a roof over their heads, and to stay alive long enough to be adopted.

How 'bout it, HSUS? We're still willing to shut this website down (and yank our Times Square billboards) if you'll just agree to share 50% of your money with the pet shelters that do all the heavy lifting.

You know our phone number. We're waiting.

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Posted on 02/02/2011 at 01:04 PM by the HumaneWatch Team

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I’ll  tell you, when Katrina hit, HSUS brought in a rented mobile home.  Mind you, they had already rec'd several million dollars in donations specifically for Katrina and the dogs there.  They brought in 15 employees who did nothing but boss the volunteers around (the ones who went out into the cold waters and got wet and muddy) and then they picked up and left in the middle of the night after less than 30 days. FOR SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS. Never touching a single animal!!!  I was livid as were all the others who actually did the work.
Posted by Mary on 010/31 at 03:58 PM

I want to see them taken out altogether. Even if they do give 1/2 of their future donations, they still have all that money, land and stocks. They got a lot of it illegaly, and that should be taken away form them by the courts.

It’s we the people whom they scam. And I’m dammed tired of it!

Posted by Regan H on 02/02 at 03:09 PM
Thank you for publishing this information. I was putting them on our donation list this year because we were so stressed over things we’ve seen this year involving homeless animals. That will not happen now but is there a valid no-kill alternative shelter that could use the $$ as we intend—to feed & shelter animals & seek permanent homes for them?
Thank you again & keep crowding them to do what’s right!
Posted by Readith norton on 02/02 at 03:23 PM
@Readith If you go looking around you will find all kinds of shelters. Look in the phone book for animal shelters and call them for a tour. Ask them if they are no-kill—then you know what your donations are being used for.
Posted by Regan H on 02/02 at 06:33 PM
For this very reason I will not donate to their HSUS site -  any and all donations I make go directly to the H.S. I support; they tell me that they use donations from their supporters, not getting other funds.
Posted by Ines Mudgett on 02/02 at 08:42 PM
I googled no kill shelters in my state and found an entire list where I could donate, volunteer, or adopt.
Posted by Katy7540 on 02/02 at 08:56 PM
Thanks for this information.  It’s interesting that a so-called ‘Humane Society’ is carrying on in this manner…They are ‘anything but humane’....i will make sure not to give anything to these people…there are plenty of other viable institutions out there who truly are FOR the animals, rather than themselves….they should shut this organization down…and maybe if enough of us complain, they will…..
Posted by Chris on 02/03 at 03:07 PM
Thank you for the info, I get more and more frustrated with them with every article I read on here. You should aim for 80 percent though, seriously how much do they really need for themselves?
Posted by Jill Gunawan on 02/06 at 08:00 AM
I would however like for you to keep this site.  How would we ever have been educated and kept so informed?
Posted by Diana Stackhouse on 02/12 at 04:09 PM
Just how many hats do these guys have?

Tax fraud anyone?

Posted by interested in the truth on 05/20 at 02:13 PM
What is the reason they give?
WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS? !!!!!!!!!!! So many trusted them ... the animals ...others including myself ..i guess they are just another “system” out there trying taking advantage. :(
Posted by JoAnna on 05/20 at 02:31 PM
My sister & brother in law run a no-kill shelter here in Kentucky and receive NO HELP from the HSUS… I’ve always wondered why they have so many commercials with high priced actors in them,,, use that money to SAVE THE ANIMALS!
Posted by Donna on 06/03 at 01:28 PM
I had heard rumors of this,and I defended them.  Saying no way would this happen or could be.  I am truly disgusted.  I know several who donate large amounts of money…so sad.  The animals are the ones who are truly suffering.  The courts need to step in and shut them down once and for all.  Such a shame!
Posted by Jeanne Snead on 06/03 at 02:51 PM
Not any different than the Girl Scouts of America….using innocents to pad their big fat pockets….should be a crime - not any different than Wall Street doing the same and getting caught.  I have never nor will ever donate to the HSUS.
Posted by Ann S. on 06/03 at 03:32 PM
I agree that the law needs to intervene in these types of situations. and I think more people need to volunteer in animal shelters so they would not need these types of capitolistic companies who use types of donations as a tax right . I also think who ever wants to donate anything to humane society should volunteer to help feed these animals and to help adapt then out to good homes so they would not have to be put to sleep these types of things that happen in the USA are atrocious and horrific and should not happening here. here the animals are the ones who suffer how sad is this.
Posted by Tina K on 07/05 at 05:43 PM
I’m so sickened by this I can hardly bear it. I’ll never give them a dime again.
Posted by Nancy on 07/05 at 10:00 PM
I have seen those ads.  They do break my heart but now that I know about HSUS, I will find local no kill shelters to help.
Posted by Katie on 07/13 at 05:21 PM
Quickest way to end this is to hit them in their ‘bottom line’.  DON’T GIVE!  Then they will go under and the people that were giving can give directly to No Kill Shelters.  Good Job HumaneWatch.
Posted by Mina McWhorter on 07/29 at 06:48 PM
I’m so sad to learn this. I understand the answer is to “Donate Locally” people! Give to a shelter near you, one that is actually caring for animals! Yeah, don’t respond to those tear-jerking ads on TV, give locally to really help real animals.
Posted by Nancy on 07/29 at 06:59 PM
There needs to be stronger organization
To due what ever needs to be done
To gain more support in the right places
Miami Florida just lost in court the right
To no kill and not only the right to no
kill but also.

The right to painless uthinizing. Appoling!
There should be no kill shelters writin into
Law We are our precious intelligent
Always giving to all in so Many ways
These beautiful animal deserve our voice
In the loudest way we are fall short and er
All need to step up to the plate!

Posted by Jane Esposito on 08/08 at 05:16 AM
I work at an animal shelter and every day I see my staff make do with out-dated and run down equipment.  These great people work their tails off for minimum wage and use their own limited funds to buy things for our dogs.  HSUS should be ASHAMED.  Who are the REAL animal lovers?
Posted by Katherine Sammons on 08/22 at 03:23 PM
I love animals, and I hate that these people who claim to as well are not helping them like they should. Animals deserve love, respect, happiness, and so much more. And yet, too often are they denied these simple things. I would like to say more, but at the risk of cussing them out, I’d like to say this: ACTUALLY HELP ANIMALS INSTEAD OF PRETENDING TO!
Posted by Meghan on 08/22 at 07:25 PM
Kathy 7540, don’t google. They have a dog fighting app on the android phone that let’s kids download a free game that teaches them it’s OK to fight dogs, which is illegal. I heard you can starve, electrocute, & kill your dog. Boycott google as well as the Humane Society! I use Goodsearch as my search engine. I put in AR RUFF, which is a local dog rescue & they get $ each time I search.
Posted by Melinda on 08/24 at 08:14 AM
i think every animal deserves to live,  I WILL NOT DONATE TO A KILL SHELTER. i live in washington nc and our humane society is at the animal shelter.  684 dogs were killed last yr at our shelter. cats more killed than dogs. this has to stop.
Posted by sandy on 08/31 at 04:13 PM
684 pets killed in 2010 in Washington DC…that is 57 animals a month.  Let’s donate only to shelter that we know and SPAY & NEUTER your pets people!!!!  We can stop this by being PROACTIVE.  So sad
Posted by Cheryl on 08/31 at 04:18 PM
What has this world come to? Is there any decency amongst people with power?I dont know how they sleep at night. Actually I take that back. You can sleep if your shameless and have no conscience.I have always given by walking in to the shelter with food and blankets.I know where my money is going.
Posted by karen on 09/01 at 12:00 AM
Does anyone know if there are people marching in protest at the Eagles games?  Also are there any on going boycotts of The Eagles Supporters?  I think NIKE is one of them…there are so many people that are against Vic for the torture and killings that he has done to these animals, if we could someway unite…the sponsors might listen to us…any ideas?
Posted by doozledorf on 09/02 at 04:39 PM
As much as I hate to say it, I picked up on this when I met Wayne Pacelle while in Tampa Bay for his book signing a few months ago. He was very gracious & charming posing for pictures and all, but do you think he took the time to visit our local Humane Society’s or any other shelter on his tour across the US. The answer is no. But I will give him credit, he did sign personal notes at my request to give to each of the Director’s that work in these hands-on pet shelters. And they were very grateful believing it was his initiative, and I’m o.k. with that. Even though it was a facade, for just that moment, they all felt a little special thinking the HSUS President was appreciative of them for all their efforts.
Posted by Lisa on 09/26 at 04:06 PM
Hurricane Irene destroyed our kennels and house. I found out that the HSUS had a temporary shelter for animals set up. I took all 13 of our dogs there so they would be safe and comfortable. We didn’t get nothing but harassment. They told my bf that I gave them permission to find homes for my puppies!! They have a home! The whole story is in my notes on facebook. When I filed a complaint, I was told that their people behaved professionally and that we shouldn’t have that many dogs because it’s a financial burden. How the heck do they know if it is or isn’t?? Ggggrrrr
Posted by Wendy Brown on 10/10 at 04:51 PM
I think they can do a lot more than what they do for the animals WHY ARENT THEY DOING IT!!!!! sounds like they are not lacking the money to do so!!!  There sure are a lot of animals that are suffering out there!!! DO YOUR JOB THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE HELP THE ANIMALS!
Posted by Shirley Smith on 10/10 at 05:25 PM
Guess I won’t be sending money to them anymore! Asking for our money when they have millions makes me ill!
Posted by S.senger on 10/10 at 05:36 PM
This is very eye opening. I think I’ll just donate to my local humane shelter instead of HSUS.
Posted by Bette Gae Dart on 10/10 at 08:27 PM
I find this so cruel and underhanded I will never donate to them again.
Posted by Joyce Weiler on 10/28 at 03:06 PM
OMG, I never knew this and I donated to them over the years.  They will never see another cent of mine again as long as I live.  Do you know if the ASPCA is legit?
Posted by Alice on 12/09 at 11:48 AM
So sick. People need to give directly to local rescues only.
Posted by Pat Anthony on 12/30 at 04:45 PM
I volunteer at the national milldogrescue in Colorado springs Colorado. They are a no kill shelter that save breeding mill dogs treats socialized and re homes these animals. They are the real thing always working on a shoe string budget but always willing to take in as many as we can.
Posted by Danielle on 12/30 at 07:35 PM
Sickening corporate greed! Once they get that money in their hands, they refuse to let it go! They will lie and tell you what you want to hear to get more of it! I guess in their eyes, “humane” means pay raises and bonuses for themselves! It sure is funny how people that get their paycheck from our hard earned money, think they deserve to get paid fifteen times more than we do! It’s disgusting!
Posted by Ben Wicker on 12/30 at 08:47 PM
They are giving people jackets and other things to people that donate to them. That can’t be very cheap!!!! Why don’t they use that money to feed the animals?
Posted by Kandy on 12/30 at 09:11 PM

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