"Not My Job!"

Our PTSA had a fundraiser that went something like this:
$50 not to chair a committee
$50 not to make phone calls
$25 not to bake items for the bake sale
$10 not to participate on a committee
It went over well!
With Creativity, you can do this in many areas and for many activities.

Something to Treasure

I have served on a Bible Camp board, and one of our successful fund-raisers was a quilt auction. We consistently raised $10,000 a year with little expenses beyond advertising.
The women's groups donate the quilts. These groups have a long history of making mission quilts. Some of the quilts are simple missions quilts, and others are magnificent works of art.
It's possible to make fund-raising a great tradition.
Kaylyn A

Learn and Earn

My son entered kindergarten this year, and the PTO was also looking for fun money raising activities.  After much debate (because we all know that six-year olds aren't the ones out there selling, its usually Mom and Dad), we settled on a Math-A-Thon.   Each child would be given an age appropriate test (Kindergarten kids had to pick out shapes, colors, etc, and older children did "real math" problems).  The children asked for a pledge for every answer they got correct.  The tests all had 100 points (of course, the younger children's questions were worth more, 10 questions, 10 points each).  Most asked for a penny or a dime for a point. With a school of 750 children, we raised almost $13,000 (yes thousand) dollars.  The children now have a brand new playground that they earned.  No selling cookies or useless items that no one wants, and it was a learning experience.


Humane Educators should encourage the community to  organize school fundraisers, which are a great way to empower students, teach them the value of volunteering, and help them make a positive difference in the community. However, we urge schools to carefully investigate the organizations for which they are raising funds to ensure that they do not engage in practices that harm animals.

Some schools participate in the March of Dimes’ Walk America fundraiser without realizing that the March of Dimes has funneled millions of donated dollars into painful and unnecessary experiments on cats, dogs, primates, rabbits, pigs, and other animals. Sadly, this money could have been better spent on the treatment and prevention of disease and on clinical and epidemiological studies that would provide relevant information about human birth defects.

Make sure that your school only donates funds to humane charities, like the Easter Seals, which works to prevent birth defects by using clinical research and preventive programming—not by experimenting on animals. Contact Teach              Kind to order additional information about the March of Dimes and to order a booklet that lists charities that do and charities that do not test on animals, or visit the following links:

• MarchofCrimes.com
• Charities That Test on Animals
• Humane Charities

While teaching students the value of helping others, it’s important that they don’t forget the value of animals’ lives. Some fundraisers, like donkey basketball, put both students and animals at risk. “Kiss the pig” contests demean animals, forcing them to be unwilling participants in an activity that objectifies them and finds humor in our negative and inaccurate view of pigs.

Animal auctions, like the one at Coral Reef Senior High School in Miami, Florida, are upsetting and unhealthy for the students involved, who are encouraged to develop a strong relationship with an animal as they nurture and care for him or her for months—only to be told to ignore their empathy and compassion and the needs of their animal friend so that he or she can be slaughtered for money. This psychologically damaging message teaches disrespect and insensitivity.

When raising money for your school or community charity, please try the following animal-free fundraising events:

Cruelty-Free Fundraisers

Alternative Fundraising Ideas-Things You Can Sell

• Auctions
• Bike-a-thons
• Bowling nights
• Carnivals
• Car washes
• Celebrity basketball games
• Dances
• Family/glamour portraits
• Festivals
• Gift wrapping
• Golf tournament
• Jog-a-thons
• Jumprope-athons
• Magic shows
• Raffles
• Read-a-thons
• Recycling
• Recycling cans/paper/ink cartridges
• Singing telegrams
• Skating nights
• Spelling bees
• Talent shows
• Tennis/horseshoe competitions
• Treasure hunts
• Walk-a-thons
• Workshops/classes

• Activity cards
• Balloon bouquets
• Bath accessories
• Batteries
• Books and calendars
• Brick/stone/tile memorials
• Buttons, pins, and stickers
• Candles
• Cookbooks
• Coupon books
• Emergency kits for cars
• First-aid kits
• Flea market items
• Flowers and bulbs
• Football game shout-outs
• Football seats
• Fruit and vegetable baskets
• Fruit smoothies and slushies
• Gift baskets
• Gift items
• Gift wrap, boxes, and bags
• Greeting cards
• Hats
• Healthy snack items
• Holiday ornaments
• House decorations
• Jewelry
• License-plate frames with school logos
• Magazine subscriptions
• Megaphones
• Mugs
• Newspaper space/ads
• Personalized stationery
• Plants
• Pocket calendars
• Raffle donations
• Scarves
• School art drawings
• School Frisbees
• School spirit gear and accessories
• Scratch-off cards
• Spirit/seasonal flags
• Stadium pillows
• Stuffed animals
• Temporary/henna tattoos
• T-shirts and sweatshirts
• Tupperware
• Valentine’s Day flowers
• Yearbook covers
• Yearbook space/monograms