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21st Century Cares launches 12 month tour to promote humane education.

Las Vegas, Nevada

United States Tour to speak to a million youth and save a million lives, visiting 50 cities in 50 weeks.

21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services, leader in the education of America's next generation of pet owners, today announced that Randy N. Warner, founder and President will launch a 12 month tour of the United States for the sole purpose of promoting humane education in our nation's schools. It is a simple, no nonsense program that will take 90 minutes per school year and will place no demands on the schools.  With no personal compensation for this trip, Randy Warner has found funding and support for over half of the services required to embark.  "I have tremendous confidence in my very lofty goals and do intend to shoot for the stars.  I plan to speak to one million people (especially youth) and be directly responsible for saving one million companion animals from unnecessarily being put to death.  It is a mission of mine.  I feel compelled to being PRO ACTIVE rather than RE ACTIVE. This is a VERY solvable problem within our lifetime," Warner said.  "VERY SOLVABLE!!!" he concluded.

Over the past 17 years Warner has devoted his entire existence to saving over 2700 abandoned and abused dogs and placing them in loving homes - voluntarily giving up any form of normal lifestyle.  In the past 8 years, Randy has been visiting schools with this program, speaking to at risk teens and
underprivileged youth, along with all youngsters willing to give him an audience.  Warner uses his experience to show cause and effect and shares a message of common sense, compassion and humane education which has been very well received.  Not to mention the fact that it is one of many ways to curb the violence we see in a growing number of today's young people.  It is a fresh approach to an old problem. The youth are impressionable and they hold the key to change. It is today's children that will cross the boundaries that govern this problem.

Randy will be visiting 50 cities in 50 weeks with many goals in mind.  Warner will be speaking to schools, boys and girls' clubs and scout troops as well.  Please visit our website .  There you can read the education program he will be giving.  Under the download button you can see a part of Warner's history in New York Post, Los Angeles Times, People Magazine and most importantly view the 8 minute video documentary called "TROUBLE SPOTS" and get a very informative, two part message.

The pet overpopulation problem is most assuredly a solvable problem!!!  Americans are spending over One billion dollars on animal control issues in this nation, as well as donating a similar amount to animal welfare organizations. We need to redirect our way of thinking in regard to the monies we spend on this life and death issue. Warner truly believes that being Pro Active can radically reduce that amount of expenditure in the next 10-20 years, not to mention save lives. Most recognized and respected animal welfare organizations accept these monies to keep themselves in business.

We hope you will see fit to join in this endeavor to put Randy Warner and 21st Century Cares out of business in 5 years!!!!  Our children need and appreciate challenges and will do a good job with this, as they did with litter in the 60s, recycling in the 80s and other issues as well.

Remember, in 1999, adults in this United States made decisions which ultimately resulted in the unnecessary death of over 10 million adoptable pets.  Our children can do better if only given the proper information.  We just need to show them the 21st Century Cares!

CARES, doing business as 21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services or "21st Century Cares" is a 501c3 non profit corporation based in the state of California.  21st Century Cares is an animal welfare organization dedicated to supporting and promoting various forms of humane
education in our nation's schools in an effort to reduce the number of companion animals unnecessarily born and lost to irresponsibility and cruel and inhumane treatment of the same.

For more information, please contact: Randy N. Warner rnwaz60@gmail.com or 702-359-0448